房地产经纪人® 道德守则

房地产经纪人® 必须坚持 道德守则 and Standards of Practice that is put forth by the National Association of 房地产经纪人® (NAR) and enforced by the GKAR Professional Standards Committee. It contains duties above and in addition to those imposed by law or regulation which apply only to real estate professionals who choose to become 房地产经纪人®.


Step-by-Step Training Guide for 房地产经纪人®

步骤1  Check Your 道德守则 Completion Status
You can log into your NAR Account to check your 道德守则 training status. From your profile, select "Manage Account". Your 道德守则 completion status will populate on the right-side of the Dashboard under “My 教育”. 

如果你 完成, 进入步骤2.
  - Failure to complete by 2024年12月13日, will result in suspension of all 会员 services.

如果你 完成, 转到步骤3.

步骤2  Complete the 职业道德守则培训
房地产经纪人® and Appraiser Members have three options to satisfy the NAR-required 道德守则 training:

Complete Your Ethics Training Online at NAR.房地产经纪人
Once you have completed this online course, please email indicating you have completed the 道德守则 requirement through NAR and the date you completed the training. 工作人员 will update our records for the current cycle.


The CE Shop also offers two courses that will satisfy the 道德守则 required training and offers 继续教育 credits; both 是 linked below. 请电子邮件 毕业证书. 工作人员 will update our records for the current cycle. These courses have a required fee, unless you 是 eligible to use a CE code from GKAR.
Ethical Excellence: Raising the Bar | The CE
用代码解决道德问题 & 困境| CE

NAR’s C2EX Endorsement Qualifies for Ethics Training
Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) from NAR empowers 房地产经纪人® to evaluate, 增强, and showcase their highest levels of professionalism. 这不是一门课程, class, or designation—it’s an Endorsement that you can promote when serving clients and other 房地产经纪人®.

作为额外的奖励, 一旦您获得C2EX背书, you may use it to qualify as your 职业道德守则培训 requirement for that current cycle. C2EX一直在更新, so anyone with the Endorsement will receive notification when new content is available. If there is new content during a new Ethics Cycle and you complete it to maintain your C2EX Endorsement, that would again qualify for 职业道德守则培训. 所以基本上, keeping your C2EX Endorsement current could meet your 职业道德守则培训 requirement over and over again.

Click here to sign in to the C2EX site. All you need is your NAR credentials. More information about C2EX can be found here.

步骤3  通知GKAR完成
电子邮件 with the date of completion and 工作人员 will review and update our records for the current cycle.



作为房地产经纪人®会员, you 是 required by the National Association of 房地产经纪人® (NAR) to complete one 职业道德守则培训 during each 三年周期. 房地产经纪人®, including Appraiser Members, 是 required to complete ethics training of not less than 2.5小时的教学时间. The training must meet specific learning objectives and criteria established by NAR. 目前的道德周期将会 12月13日结束th, 2024.

Why does NAR require 道德守则 training?

One of the defining differences between you, 一个房地产经纪人®, 以及其他房地产专业人士, 你是否坚持 职业道德准则. 作为房地产经纪人®, you conduct your business duties above and in addition to those imposed by law or regulation. 

Mandatory ethics training for 房地产经纪人® Members was first established by the NAR 董事会 at the 1999 Annual Convention. The 道德守则 training encourages 房地产经纪人® to view their 道德守则 as a living, viable guide in their daily dealings with clients, 客户, 公众, heightens aw是ness of the key tenets of the 道德守则, appreciation for the role the Code can and should play in professional lives, and 增强s professionalism and competency. 

未能完成培训, 在三年周期内, will lead to suspension of 会员 immediately following the cycle deadline (2024年12月13日), with termination of 会员 starting March 1st 在周期截止日期之后.


All active 房地产经纪人® and Appraiser Members. Members who have earned the NAR 房地产经纪人® Emeritus status 是 exempt from the 职业道德准则 requirements.

How can a Broker check if their Agents have completed the required training?

Brokers can click the link below to see the most recent report of Agents who have not completed their NAR 职业道德守则培训 Requirement. 工作人员 will update this link multiple times a month.

NAR 职业道德守则培训 Required by 12/13/24

Where do I take 道德守则 training?

培训可通过以下方式完成 NAR的在线课程 或者通过另一种方法, such as online or classroom courses taken at your local or state association.

When registering for NAR’s 道德守则 online training, you will need to provide your first and last name or your Member ID number. 如果你 do not know your Member ID number, you can find it:

  • 在你的NAR会员卡上. 是8位或9位数字.
  • 在您的房地产经纪人®杂志标签上. 是8位或9位数字 between the slashes, above your name.
  • 使用 NAR“查找您的会员ID”表格

When does the current training cycle end?

The current cycle, Cycle 7, began January 1st将于12月13日结束th, 2024. The future cycle, Cycle 8, will begin January 1st, 2025.